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WordPress on OpenShift

I had heard about Red Hat’s PaaS offering, OpenShift, and signed up for the free version of the service. OpenShift makes it very convenient to deploy applications that are written in Python, Java and other programming languages. After getting Red Hat’s command line client tools installed on my workstation, I found it fairly straightforward to deploy a couple of Django projects to OpenShift.

But one thing was a pleasant surprise to me… if you have an OpenShift account, it is very simple to create a WordPress blog using one of the three free “gears” that OpenShift provides. In fact this can be done entirely through the OpenShift web portal in a point and click manner. A custom domain can be associated with your WordPress application too. There are some minor hurdles, such as getting e-mails from the site to work, but they are easily resolved (I installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin and had my FastMail account handle sending e-mail). FTP clients such as FileZilla can be used to upload custom theme files to the WordPress installation, or OpenShift works very smoothly with Git if version control is needed.